Creating Excellence!

Getting your child into the best colleges possible requires a detailed plan executed over many years. I graduated from Stanford, my son is at Brown, and I have 3 nieces and nephews at Stanford. Let's talk.

The Process

I meet with your child and you (parents) quarterly. We develop a plan that encompasses academic, extra-curricular, and social aspects. Additionally, I am always available by text/email for my clients.

The How

We will meet in person, or by skype, and by text/email. I will supply input before, during, and after every decision.

Start Now!

The time to start is right now. The process takes years. It is not a quick fix. 7th grade or earlier is best. 9th or 10th grades are OK. 11th grade is late, but I can still help.

Pricing Options

1. $150/month for 3 years 2. $3500 [discounted prepay].

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